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  • Sales commission: 15%
  • Surf Timer: 14 seconds
  • Daily Email Sending Limit: 1
  • Bonus Credits: NONE
  • Max Recipients: 400
  • Credits per Click: 17
  • Automated mailing NO (Set up an email and the system will send it for you every day)
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Silver Plan

$3.30per month

  • Sales commission: 25%
  • Surf Timer: 12 seconds
  • Daily Email Sending Limit: 2
  • Bonus Credits: 6000
  • Max Recipients: 1500
  • Credits per Click: 21
  • Automated mailing YES (Set up an email and the system will send it for you every day)
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Golden Plan

$5.50per month

  • Sales commission: 35%
  • Surf Timer: 10 seconds
  • Daily Email Sending Limit: 4
  • Bonus Credits: 12000
  • Max Recipients: 5000
  • Credits per Click: 25
  • Automated mailing YES (Set up an email and the system will send it for you every day)
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